United States Presidents

Our Presidents can be compared in a variety of ways.  Some of these include by age, height, home state, whether they had beards, were left-handed, or what college they attended.  To find out more about individual presidents, click on the portrait.  To return to this screen, press the Back button.

Portrait, George Washington

Portrait, John Adams

Portrait, Thomas Jefferson

Portrait, James Madison

Portrait, James Monroe

Portrait, John Quincy Adams

Portrait, Andrew Jackson

Portrait, Martin Van Buren

Portrait, William Henry Harrison

Portrait, James Knox Polk

Portrait, Zachary Taylor

Portrait, Millard Fillmore

Portrait, Franklin Pierce

Portrait, James Buchanan

Portrait, Abraham Lincoln

Portrait, Andrew Johnson

Portrait, Ulysses Simpson Grant

Portrait, Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Portrait, James Abram Garfield

Portrait, Chester Alan Arthur

Portrait, Grover Cleveland

Portrait, Benjamin Harrison

Portrait, Grover Cleveland

Portrait, William McKinley

Portrait, Theodore Roosevelt

Portrait, William Howard Taft

Portrait, Woodrow Wilson

Portrait, Warren Gamaliel Harding

Portrait, Calvin Coolidge

Portrait, Herbert Clark Hoover

Portrait, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Portrait, Harry S. Truman

Portrait, Dwight David Eisenhower

Portrait, John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Portrait, Lyndon Baines Johnson

Portrait, Richard Milhous Nixon

Portrait, Gerald Rudolph Ford

Portrait, James Earl Carter, Jr.

Portrait, Ronald Wilson Reagan

Portrait, George Herbert Walker Bush

Portrait, William Jefferson Clinton

Portrait, George Walker Bush

Portrait, Barack Obama